Supported Payment Options

Currently we support one payment option only:

* Bank deposit - this allow customers to pay using bank transfer.


Paying for your order using bank deposit

When you transfer money to our accounts, please allow for several days for international transfers - for the money to be deposited on our account. As soon as we have received the money, we will settle your order and you will receive an email notification to indicate that the order is settled.
Please note that bank holidays may impact the time needed for money to be transferred.


International Bank Transfers

When you do an international transfer, it is important that you make sure you have all international details available when you want to transfer the money. Using the SWIFT and IBAN codes for the transfer will ensure that the charges you will incur are kept to a minimum.

There might be extra charges however when using international bank transfer; depending on your bank and your country. Make sure that you take all charges at YOUR expense so we get at the amount which you are due. Failure to do so will result in your order not being shipped since it is not fully paid for.

Please be aware that not all home banking systems support international payments.



Shopping at

To make a purchase you will use a shopping basket, to which you'll add all the articles you wish to purchase. During your visit at our webshop you will soon notice that the following icon is shown next to each article:


If you click on this icon, you will add that particular article to the shopping cart. Because you can always change your mind, you will still be able to remove the article from the shopping cart if you want to. When you are done adding articles to the shopping cart, you are ready to proceed with buying them.


Currency of your order

You can change currency of your order at any moment, USD or EUR, by choosing currency from dropdown box at shopping cart.


Viewing the content of your shopping basket

Before you place your order, you probably want to verify the content of your shopping cart. By clicking on the words "My shopping cart" in the top right corner, you'll open the detail page of your shopping cart. This is where you verify your shopping cart one last time, before placing the actual order. On this page you can:

* set the desired quantity for each article
* remove an article from your shopping cart
* remove the shopping cart entirely

You can do these operations as often as you like. You can also return to the shopping area to view and/or add other articles to your cart. For as long as you visit our website, the articles you selected will be waiting for you in your shopping cart. The cart detail page is the (sole) entrance to the checkout process. At the bottom of the article list, you'll find a button which will let you move on to the checkout process.


Proceeding with the purchase

The checkout process consits of a few simple steps:
* choose the desired payment method (bankdeposit, credit card, ...)
* choose the desired shipping method (postal services, express service, ... )
* provide a ship-to address
* a final checkpoint before the actual order placement

If you've not yet registered (or if you're simply not logged on yet), you'll first be invited to do so.


The checkout process

Once you've put all the articles you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, you can continue on to the checkout process by clicking on the appropriate button in the cart detail page. If you're registered and logged on, you're ready to start the checkout process.


Choosing a payment method

The first step in the checkout proces displays a list of payment methods of which you'll need to choose one:
* Bankdeposit
* Credit card
* PayPal

 (Currently you havn't choice, the only payment option is a bank deposit)


Choosing a shipping method

Now that you have chosen a payment method, it's time to choose from one of the available shipping methods. You can choose from:
* Regular Air Mail
* EMS (Express Mail Service)


Providing a ship-to address (for shipment)

You will now be asked to provide a ship-to address in the 7 input fields. Of course it's important that you introduce the required information accurately, to make sure your ordered goods arrive at the correct destination.


Payment by bankdeposit

If you have chosen to pay by bankdeposit, you will now receive all the information you'll need to make the bankdeposit from your account to ours.


Final check and order confirmation

You are now only one step away from placing your order. In this screen you'll once again see all data concerning your payment. Take your time to check everything again. If you need to make any changes, you can still do this now. Once you are 100% sure, one final click is required and then your order will be placed. You can print invoice online and you will get emailed invoice.


Managing your existing orders

At your can manage and review your existing orders through your "My account" page (see the link at the top of the page).



International Customs

Customs, duties, and taxes are not included in your shipping fee paid to us. You will need to pay any customs, duties or tax fees to your local delivery person after your packages is processed by customs. Awesomatix Innovations LLP is unable to determine what your country may charge you for these fees. We suggest that customers contact their local postal carrier or customs department for further information on duties, taxes, or custom fees for their country. 



Contacting us about your order

Email Method:

After placing your order, you should have received an email with your order contact informati on it. This information is what we need to find you and your order, should you have a question about your order. It includes your complete name, and complete address. The more information you give us with your question, the faster we can find your order and get back to you. Your order information is based on the Billing address. If you did not receive an email confirmation, just include the following information with your inquiry.


Billing Name:
Billing Company:
Billing Phone: 
Billing Address:
Billing City:
Billing State:
Billing Zip:
Billing Country:
Billing EMail:


With this information, we can find your order and get back to you quickly and accurately.


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