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BW95 Floating Front Weight

Product code (SKU):  A800FX-BW95
In stock: yes
Weight: 110 g

BW95 is a new Floating Front Weight for the A800FX & A800FX Evo cars. 
This additional weight helps to adjust the front/rear weight distribution of the car for different track conditions. 
Additionally it improves the front flex of the car, as BW95 replaces the AM88//R Shock Holders.
This improved front flex helps with better overall steering and front end grip!
BW95 doesn't touch the Bulkheads or the Chassis after the installation of the Shocks. 

Weight: 95g. 

You need to actually remove AM88L/R to install BW95! BW95 replaces AM88L/R as Shock Holder!

At our tests the combo of BW95 + ST265 Bumber Weight (65g.) showed great results for the most track conditions!

contains: 1pcs BW95

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11/05/2011 19:37:57
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