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LWRD Lightweight Rear Damper set

Product code (SKU):  A12-LWRD
In stock: yes
Weight: 25 g

Awesomatix A12 LWRD Lightweight Rear Damper set

Total weight of the LW Damper set is ~8,7g. 
This is a reduction of ~18g. compared to the std Damper (~26.7g)

The LWRD allows to change the weight BIAS of your car and further adjust it by using additional weights.

Furthermore, the use of Alloy material near the Motor will have less interference of the magnetic field, 
which increases the power band especially in stock motor classes.

It's also highly recommended to use this damper in case you are running a Ball/Gear Diff.
It allows to keep the proper weight distribution despite the diffs are usually noticeably heavier than the kit spool.

IMPORTANT INFO: The total length of the assembled LWRD Damper is/should be 61.7mm.
This size is different compared to Std. Damper which is/should be 61.3...61.5mm

contains: 2pcs A12-ST1202LW

1pcs A12-ST1204AL

2pcs A12-OR153V

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11/05/2011 19:37:57
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