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IRJ - Inner Rear Joint set

Product code (SKU):  A800-IRJ
In stock: yes
Weight: 10 g

IRJ reduces the friction between the outdrive and the dogbone. It increases the efficiency of whole transmission which is an advantage in all situations.
Especially in Stock classes the combination of IFJ and IRJ systems will improve the acceleration to the Topspeed.
Due to the reduced friction in IRJ the suspension is softer and smoother at car's acceleration and braking.

IRJ set includes:

ST114  - 1pcs

ST116  - 1pcs

ST23X  - 1pcs

B415    - 2pcs

PIN01  - 1pcs

SPR07  - 2pcs

Two IRJ sets are needed for one car.

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11/05/2011 19:37:57
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